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Programs: Degrees, Certificates, and Courses for Contemporary Learners

  1. Adolescent Mental Health Certificate


    In today’s world, there are several unique challenges facing kids and teens as they grow up. As a result, knowing how to address adolescent mental health is becoming increasingly important. Become informed and earn a certificate at this workshop.

  2. Advanced Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation


    Utilize structured writing and technical documentation techniques to create your own documentation set available to use in your professional portfolio. Learn current trends and best practices in the industry to position yourself towards your career goals.

  3. Advanced Certificate in Technical Writing


    Employment in technical writing is rapidly growing. Start advancing your career by improving your skills, and earn your technical writing certificate. Select courses in writing, communication and specialty areas of your choosing.

  4. Advanced Technical Writing


    Gain the expertise and confidence in this online course to market yourself as a technical writer or take on advanced work assignments. Course topics include audience analysis, document design, organization and editing, visuals and research techniques.

  5. Basic Certificate in Technical Writing


    Expand your career possibilities in the growing field of technical writing. Develop your language and professional communication skills, enhance training preparation and delivery techniques, and advance technical communication knowledge.

  6. Certificate Course in Technical Business Writing for Engineers


    The certificate course provides a fundamental description of the necessary steps in planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing/submitting technical content.

  7. Certificate Course in Writing for a Global Market (Instructor-Facilitated)


    Write for a global market and apply best practices for international product processes, content development, and adapting services to specific cultures. Sharpen your skills to meet worldwide demands while reaching diverse communities and industries.

  8. Certificate in Professional Technical Communication- Portfolio


    Expand your knowledge of technical documents and methodology to advance your techniques in technical writing for the workplace. Practice planning strategies to engage your audience and purpose while creating effective documents. Start today.

  9. Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers


    Take your technical writing skills to the next level in this online certificate designed to sharpen your expertise in analysis, effective communication, design principles, and content management.

  10. Coaching Your Way to Engaged Employees


    Coaching is an effective and popular leadership style that helps employees feel empowered and engaged in their workplace. This online program will teach leaders strategies and provide tools to implement a coaching leadership style.