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Programs: Education

  1. Adolescent Mental Health Certificate


    In today’s world, there are several unique challenges facing kids and teens as they grow up. As a result, knowing how to address adolescent mental health is becoming increasingly important. Become informed and earn a certificate at this workshop.

  2. Advanced Grant Writing


    Welcome grant writers of all experience levels! In two three-hour online sessions, you will gain insider grant knowledge to build skills to successfully secure funding. We recommend taking Beginning Grant Writing first to gain baseline knowledge.

  3. Beginning Grant Writing


    Gain the insights you need to begin the grant writing process with confidence using practices you can implement immediately.

  4. Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (DSEPS)


    If you’re passionate about special education and want to take the next step in your career, this online Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Certificate program will prepare you to be successful.

  5. Microaggressions and Bias in the Workplace


    In this virtual training, learn the definition and impact of microaggressions, and how to recognize and reduce them in your workplaces. You will gain an understanding of how bias affects your work or leadership experience.

  6. Safe Spaces: Honoring Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace


    In this virtual training, learn about creating safe, inclusive spaces at work, school, and in your community. Gain an understanding of key terms surrounding safe spaces and LGBTQIA+ while exploring your own identity and become more self-aware.

  7. Strategies for Creating Culturally Intelligent Organizations


    This is the final program in the ‘Building Culturally Intelligent Organizations Series’. Participants will learn how to apply their newly gained knowledge into practice and will be awarded a certificate upon completing all three programs in the series.

  8. Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success Online


    This online program teaches you the science behind students with Asperger’s and high-functioning Autism and how to implement strategies to help them succeed.