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Programs: Professional and Workforce Development

  1. Spanish for Medical Professionals Online


    Take out the communication barriers with Spanish-speaking patients. This online program will give you the skills to communicate with patients and their families.

  2. Starting a Foot and Nail Care Business


    Gain the knowledge and confidence to begin your own foot and nail care business. At this workshop for health care professionals, you will hear from current business owners in the industry and learn how to take the first steps to get you started.

  3. Strategies for a Successful Remote Workplace


    In this highly interactive online course, we will discuss and learn about new strategies for working virtually. Bring your real-life challenges and successes and join the conversation.

  4. Talent Management and Succession Planning

    Eau Claire

    Turnover can be a big waste of resources. This elective course will teach you to better understand competencies for positions so when hiring and developing employees you are focusing on the skill sets that are critical to your organization.

  5. Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success Online


    This online program teaches you the science behind students with Asperger’s and high-functioning Autism and how to implement strategies to help them succeed.

  6. Technical Communication Techniques and Principles for Project Managers


    Improve your technical communication and writing to springboard your project management career. Learn skills to reach comprehensive goals through an interdisciplinary approach and become a successful project manager today.

  7. Technical Communication, an Introduction for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers


    Become familiar with the technical communication profession in this online course designed to introduce you to processes, industry needs, and skill sets within the field. Practice technical writing skills from analysis and design to user-testing.

  8. Technical Writing & Communication Industry Certificate - Mastery Level


    Showcase your mastery of technical communication and documentation processes. Explore industry standards and cutting-edge concepts to enhance your technical writing skills. Use resources and principles enforced throughout to advance your skill set.

  9. Workplace Experience Certificate in Technical Writing


    Capitalize on your experience to advance your career goals and earn an accredited experience certificate in technical writing. Select a personalized specialty area to add while developing your portfolio work and polishing your professional skills.

  10. Wound Treatment Associate Program


    Through the convenience of online learning, the WTA Program will help you with daily patient monitoring, pressure ulcer prevention, and basic wound management to improve outcomes for patients.