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Change Leadership Series

Leading your team through change

The Change Leadership Hybrid Series focuses on how leaders can improve critical skills while remaining strong and keeping teams effective and efficient during and after times of critical change in the workplace. During times of change, a leader’s job is to ensure that their team stays informed, motivated and keeps a good attitude about adapting to new conditions. A leader must have the ability and emotional intelligence to recognize that all people embrace change in their own unique way.

This series will help a leader navigate these behaviors and emotions. While not all change will be smooth, we can learn how to be seen as a credible and trustworthy leader during conflict and challenge. By demonstrating transparency and authenticity through communication with our colleagues and our teams we will earn trust during these critical periods of change. Keeping engaged employees who want to share their innovative and creative ideas with an organization means creating a culture that accepts new ideas. How can leaders learn about the barriers of creativity and work towards a culture that not only accepts but embraces collaboration?

Learn about all of these topics in-depth and get one-on-one coaching with instructor Allison Cooley when you sign up for one or more of the Change Leadership Hybrid programs.

Programs in Change Leadership Series

  1. Fostering Collaborative and Creative Organizations

    Hybrid | Online

    How can leaders create a culture where all team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas? Learn about common barriers that make it difficult for colleagues to be creative, and how we can overcome these barriers to create a culture of collaboration.

  2. Leading Through Challenge and Conflict

    Hybrid | Online

    Challenging events require a high degree of trust in you as a leader and skillful conflict management techniques. This online course will focus on some of the most critical skills a leader must have to earn trust and credibility from their colleagues.

  3. Mastering Change Leadership

    The only constant in life and work is change, and that is truer than ever in our current business culture. Mastering Change Leadership is designed to provide mid-level and executive leaders with the tools to successfully lead their teams through change.