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Professional Communication Certificate

Strengthen your communication skills

According to the World Economic Forum, communication skills rose to the top of the list in three recent studies regarding employers most sought-after skills. While this is nothing new, the need for strong communication skills is even greater at this moment in time. As many people transition to remote work or blended teams, leaders and team members need the skills to communicate clearly, concisely, and influentially.

The concepts of communication perhaps appear simple, yet the craft itself needs reflection, discussion, and practice. Complete our Professional Communication Certificate and demonstrate to employers you have these sought-after skills. 

Register for all three courses in the series for $1500 and earn your Professional Communication Certificate. Enter code CERT at checkout when you register.

Programs in Professional Communication Certificate

  1. Business Writing for Today's Workplace


    In today’s tech-savvy organizations, people often engage in written communication more than spoken interactions. This makes getting your point across challenging and increases the need to be able to effectively communicate through writing.

  2. Effective Presentation Techniques


    We’ve all heard that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear for many people. However, being able to present your ideas, one-on-one or to group, is important to achieving professional success.

  3. Exceptional Workplace Communication Skills


    Have you experienced communication breakdowns in the workplace? Learn to communicate more effectively with this interactive course and gain confidence in your communication to help prevent these breakdowns.