ACT Test Preparation

Help your high school student get ready with ACT prep courses. This eight session course features test prep classes on math, scientific reasoning, English, writing, reading and a new general test taking skills section.

Key Program Information
Categories Youth and Community Programs | Youth
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Next Session Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 in Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire Campus: Centennial Hall

1698 Park Avenue
Room 1204
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Schedule Sept. 21, 2019 – Nov. 16, 2019

The fall session meets Saturday mornings; September 21 to November 16, from 9 a.m.– 12:00 p.m. (no class on 10/26).

Later Dates January 4-February 22, 2020 in Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire Campus

105 Garfield Avenue
Room TBD
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Who Should Attend

Students in grades 10-12 preparing to take the ACT.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student and professor looking at problem

Program Description

Get your student prepared for the ACT

Test taking can make most students feel nervous. And sometimes the more important the test, such as one that holds a key to their dream college or the next step in their educational future, the more it can make that nervous feeling intensify.

Help your high school student get better prepared for the ACT through one-on-one attention by expert instructors. This holistic course provides a comprehensive review of the test, but also focuses in on the specific subject matters that will be covered. We also have a section on overall test preparation based on feedback from our past participants.

Each session will show your student how to approach the ACT Test through one-on-one attention from expert instructors, practice questions, review of past test booklets and more. Check out a detailed overview of what’s covered in the ACT Test Prep course that’s offered year round. 

Test Preparation

  • Talk through ACT booklet and the scoring for the test
  • Students will talk about where they want to continue their education at and the entrance requirements for each such as ACT score, coursework, service work and more
  • Discuss intricacies of students and how that plays into scoring, structure, and time
  • Develop an ACT strategy for each student
  • Set goals for ideal score and how to pace set a pace for the different test sections
  • Go over what a student can do the night before and day of the test to be prepared


  • Review relevant properties, formulas, equations from Algebra to Trigonometry
  • Discuss the important terminology that will be used throughout section
  • Take timed tests with examples from the ACT book on Pre-algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Word Problems
  • Go through answer key together and talk about strategies to solve

Scientific Reasoning

  • Set goals about what score student wants to achieve on the scientific reasoning portion on the ACT Test
  • Break down of the number of questions, timeframe, and average time per question
  • Explore the three major groups (data representation, research summaries, conflicting viewpoints) the questions fall into
  • Partner up with other student to practice skills, followed by class discussion about each question type
  • Participants collect and review data from a prior ACT exam 


  • Explanation of the passage types that will be featured on reading portion of the ACT Test
  • Cover strategies and tricks for reading questions such as synonyms, reversals, extremes and “too nice” examples
  • Examine samples of passages and their questions/answers


  • Review the basic punctuation, usage rules and examples of each that will be on the ACT test
  • Discuss common comma, stop punctuation, verb and pronoun rules
  • Practice key words and phrases that indicate the correct order of sentences, passages and words


  • Talk through recent changes to the format of the essay portion of ACT test
  • Discuss examples from textbook that show types of topics the essay could ask for the student to write about
  • Break down paragraphs from past examples to see what makes a great essay
  • Practice writing an essay that address three different viewpoints
  • Give students sample essay which instructor then takes home to evaluate and return to student with constructive feedback 

Select a program date. Details may vary.

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Standard Fee $199.00

Fee includes 24 classroom hours, two complete practice tests (including the writing portion), and the Princeton Review textbook.


Standard Fee $199.00

Fee includes 24 classroom hours, two complete practice tests (including the writing portion), and the Princeton Review textbook.


Standard Fee $199.00

Fee includes 24 classroom hours, two complete practice tests (including the writing portion), and the Princeton Review textbook.


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