American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate Courses

A certificate in American Sign Language can open a new world of communication and professional opportunities.

Key Program Information
Categories Degrees, Certificates, and Courses for Contemporary Learners Education Speech Language Pathology Online
Program Type Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Series Certificate in American Sign Language (ASL)
Next Session Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Who Should Attend

Individual courses and/or the full certificate program are open to UW-Eau Claire undergraduate or graduate students and anyone else who would like to earn credit for ASL courses.

Classroom of adult students practcing sign language.

Program Description

UW-Eau Claire’s American Sign Language (ASL) program allows students to take individual ASL courses or complete an ASL Certificate. Earning the ASL Certificate can fulfill your LE graduation requirement when combined with a standard major. This Certificate can also benefit you in your future career. No matter what profession you choose to pursue, you’ll have the skills you need to better serve the Deaf community.

  • Gain the ability to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.
  • Learn about Deaf culture and how to respect the community’s social norms.
  • Develop a depth of knowledge and skill in the use of ASL.
  • Apply semantic and linguistic elements of ASL in your use of the language.
  • Learn a unique skill that can make you more attractive to employers.

Frequently Asked Questions 


UW-Eau Claire’s ASL Certificate provides official recognition to UW-Eau Claire students for having completed a concentration in ASL.  For students using the LE catalog, this Certificate fulfills the LE graduation requirement when combined with a standard major.  Once coursework is completed, the Certificate will be noted on your official transcript.