Chippewa Treaty Rights: Resistance, Acceptance and Controversy

In this class you will examine the text of the Chippewa treaties and discuss their current impact. We will also explore treaty controversies and court battles.

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Understanding the Chippewa Treaties

Recent news has featured stories of Native American Tribes appealing to treaty rights to protect their land and water resources. Here in Wisconsin we have seen clashes over mining, hunting and fishing. Why do the Chippewa treaties signed over 150 years ago have so much impact on events today? Are these treaties able to address the evolving relationship between those within and outside of the Tribes?

Join us as we examine the actual wording of the treaties and clear up misconceptions about the rights and provisions granted to the Chippewas. You will learn about the direct effect these treaties have on the daily lives of the Chippewa Tribes, and gain a better understanding of the history and culture of the Chippewa Tribes.

You will come away with a better understanding of:  

  • How and why the treaties were negotiated and written.
  • The nature of the controversies and court battles surrounding the treaties from the early 1900’s through the present day.
  • The ability of the Chippewa Tribes to use the treaties to protect Wisconsin’s natural resources.
  • How the treaties still impact the lives of the Chippewa Tribes today.
Optional Textbook:
Chippewa Treaty Rights: The Reserved Rights of Wisconsin's Chippewa Indians in Historical Perspective by Ronald N. Satz.  Purchase of the textbook is optional.  Retail price is approximately $30 from UW-Eau Claire's University bookstore or from your preferred retail store or online vendor.



Robert Bell is a UW-Eau Claire Lecturer of American Indian Studies.

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