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Coaching Your Way to Engaged Employees

Coaching is an effective and popular leadership style that helps employees feel empowered and engaged in their workplace. This online program will teach leaders strategies and provide tools to implement a coaching leadership style.

Key Program Information
Series Supervisory Management Certificate Program
Delivery Format Online

Learn How a Coaching Leadership Style Can Result in Engaged Employees

Coaching Your Way to Engaged Employees presents the benefits of a coaching leadership style and offers strategies to implement coaching with their teams. Coaching leadership style can be described as creating a strong partnership with employees resulting in high engagement and results. This leadership style is based around finding each employee’s strengths, spots of weakness, growth opportunities and goals. When employees are a part of this process they are invested in the goals of self-improvement and growth on their teams. 

This online program will discuss diversity in the workplace, including generational differences. Regardless of generation, all employees share the need for appreciation, clear vision, communication, and feedback. Coaching leadership will help remove stereotypes and encourage communication between leaders and employees. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the essential skills of designing alliance, active listening, and asking thoughtful questions. 

Participants can expect to:

  • Define what coaching is and how it is different from training, mentoring, and counseling.
  • Identify situations where coaching can be used and effective
  • Practice coaching skills and identify when to use each skill
  • Evaluate coaching skills and the coaching skills of others
  • Design their coach approach for employees and direct reports
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Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, project managers, team leaders, business owners, aspiring managers and supervisors, and anyone who manages the work of others.


Let’s face it—expertise in a chosen career field doesn’t automatically make someone a good supervisor. Supervisors must learn important soft skills to confidently manage a team of people and do it well. 

If you’ve been promoted to supervisor but aren’t sure you have the skills to supervise well, if you’re looking to advance into a supervisor position, or if you’ve been supervising a team for a while and have struggled through conflict and communication issues, a certificate in supervisory management may be just what you need! 

Working for this certificate will help you: 

  • Gain confidence in your leadership skills 
  • Communicate better with your team 
  • Encourage your team to be more productive 
  • Deal with conflict effectively 
  • Find success and advance toward your career goals 

“I’ve learned so many valuable skills throughout this series. There were key takeaways from every class that I was excited to implement. It was neat to be in the classes with other leaders across various industries because networking with them would get me thinking from different angles.”
--Wendy Rindfleish, Assistant Manager, Security Health Plan 

How the Certificate Works: 

You’ll take 3 core classes plus 3 electives in 5 years. 

Core Classes:  


  • Choose 3 electives that best meet your needs.
  • Browse the Supervisory Management Series page to see what’s currently offered. 

Questions? Contact We are glad to help!  

Find information about previous certificate requirements here.

Not interested in taking the whole certificate? You can also take individual classes to meet your professional needs. 


Jill Mueller, UWCPC, ACC, MS (Master of Science in Administrative Leadership, Adult Education, Human Resource and Workforce Development at UW‐Milwaukee) is the Learning Experience Designer and Coaching Coordinator at Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting. Previously, Jill worked as a Special Assistant to the President at UW System and as a trainer and assistant manager at Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. She received her Certified Professional Coaching Certificate from UW‐Madison and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.

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