Courageous Communication

Although it can be overlooked, good communication can be one of the most important factors to a successful team and organization. This workshop will teach you how to communicate boldly, yet tactfully by using the CLEAR method.

Key Program Information
Categories Professional and Workforce Development | Business
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Series Workforce Development

Who Should Attend

Business professionals, team members, and others who want to improve their communication skills.

Woman talking with someone at a desk

Program Description

Having courageous conversations

Creating a culture where courageous communication is the standard can bring many benefits to a team and organization. When employees feel empowered to speak up and share their viewpoints they are able to more easily navigate challenging situations such as handling conflict, avoiding a potential problem in a project and more. This workshop explores emotional intelligence and how it works with communication using the CLEAR method.

In this communication training you will learn:

  • Why tactful, yet bold communication is important at work and in life.
  • How to strengthen personal character and courage to make all communicators prosper.
  • The CLEAR method (Communicate collegially, Listen actively with Empathy, Ask questions on point, Relate respectfully).


Stacy Shapiro is President of Shapiro Strategies (a consulting and training firm) and has over 20 years of leadership experience. She received a communications degree from UW-Madison and has held various leadership roles nationwide. In her current work, she passionately encourages organizations and businesses to focus on quality leadership, positive communications, and pursuing excellence…all while setting a values-driven course for the future.