Hoarding Help and Support - Free Community Event

This free community event will attempt to de-stigmatize the term hoarding by explaining the underlying causes and sharing personal stories.

Key Program Information
Categories Human Services
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Series Hoarding: Journey to Understanding, Compassion, and Hope

Who Should Attend

Anyone in the community who wants to learn more about hoarding disorders and how to help

Hoarding Photo

Program Description

How to recognize and address hoarding in your community

Whether you have a friend, family member or you personally struggle with hoarding — this free community event will help you better understand hoarding. You will learn about training, support, and resources in the community that can provide assistance from members of the Eau Claire Hoarding Task Force and local experts.

Some topics you will discuss:

  • hoarding as a mental illness
  • causes of hoarding
  • results of hoarding
  • helping someone who struggles