Joy of Math Summer Youth Camp

Discover the secrets within mathematical concepts through art, storytelling, games and puzzles. Students are presented with new perspectives towards math through nontraditional approaches to learning. Go above and beyond to uncover the Joy of Math.

Key Program Information
Categories Continuing Education Youth and Community Programs Youth
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face

Who Should Attend

Students entering grades 10-12. This is an enrichment opportunity for students who have completed algebra and geometry.

Program Description

Go above and beyond the classroom to discover new mathematical ideas

Most schools fail to excite students when it comes to mathematics. In turn, many students are not passionate about math inside or outside the classroom. Yet, The Joy of Math provides an outlet for students to explore math concepts that go above and beyond through games, puzzles, art and storytelling.

This interactive class gives students an opportunity to develop awareness of concepts and challenges that exist while learning math. To view math in this new light and discover mathematical ideas in new ways is to be given a gift that no student would ever expect. When students know math can hide in the most unique and unexpected places, they are empowered to explore new challenges and concepts more deeply.

Students will investigate how insight, determination, and new ways of thinking can increase mathematical reasoning and logic. Through jigsaw puzzles, treasure hunts, memory games, 3-D challenges and top secret missions, the intent of this course is to allow students to realize their own mathematical potential and gain new appreciation for the diversity – and joy – of mathematics.

What you will learn:

  • Awareness of new concepts
  • Collaboration between art, play, design and math
  • How to increase mathematical reasoning and logic
  • New appreciation for mathematics
  • Realize your own potential

Full scholarships are available for students with financial need.  Complete the scholarship application and submit it with your registration. 


Michael Nerbovig received a Master of Arts in Teaching Math from UW-Eau Claire in 1976. He has 43 years of experience teaching mathematics primarily at the secondary level, including eight years overseas, and teaching several math courses for the University of Maryland and Boston University.