Joy of Math: Teaching a Different Perspective of Mathematics Through Games, Puzzles, Art, and Storytelling

Discover how to approach traditional math concepts through innovation in art, storytelling, games and puzzles. Learn best practices and successful strategies to engage your students. Go above and beyond in the classroom to uncover the Joy of Math.

Key Program Information
Categories Continuing Education Education Professional and Workforce Development
Program Type Non-Credit with Credit Option
Delivery Format Face-to-Face

Who Should Attend

Prospective math teachers, recent secondary math education graduates, or current math teachers who are looking to bring a little more innovation into their classroom.

Michael Nerbovig helping a student in a classroom.

Program Description

Go above and beyond in your classroom

Launch your math classroom into a new school year with a toolbox full of creative ideas to make math fun! Engage your students in the joy of math with this course complete with sample activities designed by instructor Michael Nerbovig, a local secondary math teacher with over 40 years of experience.

Michael’s activities have excited students with varying abilities, from “reluctant learners” to “inquisitive learners.” Sample activities include memory games, jigsaw puzzles, top-secret missions, and 3-D challenges. After completing sample activities, teachers have the opportunity to create and present their own activities or share successful activities they have previously used. The course is conducted in an interactive, hands-on style with activities demonstrated as they would be taught in the classroom with discussion to follow.

The Joy of Math for Teachers is geared towards prospective math teachers, recent secondary math education graduates, or current math teachers who are looking to bring a little more innovation into their classroom. The course is perfect to include as part of a Professional Development Plan, as it addresses goals to increase student interaction and incorporate more hands-on activities into your classroom.

“I believe teaching is an art, and that different individuals apply varying strategies and methodology, which suit their personality in order to achieve success in the classroom,” Nerbovig says. “Now in the twilight of my career I would like to share my experiences and philosophy with prospective and beginning teachers that hopefully will encourage them to use some of these activities and/or create new and engaging activities in their own classrooms”.

What you will learn:

  •         New and engaging classroom activities
  •         Creative approaches to math concepts
  •         Successful demonstrations of innovative teaching methods
  •         How to increase student interaction and hands-on learning
  •         How this course fits within PDP and DPI requirements

This course is available for two graduate credits. Register here for the credit option for an additional $218.



Michael Nerbovig received a Master of Arts in Teaching Math from UW-Eau Claire in 1976. He has 43 years of experience teaching mathematics primarily at the secondary level, including eight years overseas, and teaching several math courses for the University of Maryland and Boston University.

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