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Our GMAT® Live-Online Test Prep course reviews all math and verbal skills tested as well as strategies to earn the best score possible. You'll study real test questions to understand how various skills are evaluated on the GMAT.

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Series Online Test Preparation for Graduate School Admission
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Program Description

The GMAT plays a big role in the MBA admissions process. Most institutions require a test score for their full-time MBA, part-time EMBA or PMBA, or dual JD/MBA programs.

Our GMAT® Live-Online Test Prep will help improve your chances of getting into the MBA program of your choice. During this one-month course (24 hours of instruction) you will have the opportunity to:

  • Study with real test questions.
  • Review math and verbal skills.
  • Pick up strategies to earn your best score.

Enjoy online convenience plus the opportunity to ask questions and interact with an expert instructor using a proven teaching format. As an added benefit, you'll receive comprehensive course materials and access to diagnostic exams in one convenient, affordable package.

Total Instruction Time: 24 hours

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These online courses are made available through a partnership between UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education and Educational Testing Consultants (ETC), a provider of specialized test preparation for colleges and universities nationwide.

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