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Summer Institute has a 40-year tradition of teaching and delighting children across the Chippewa Valley. Your kids will love the variety of activities, and you will appreciate the small classes that promise high quality learning.

Key Program Information
Categories Youth and Community Programs | Youth | Continuing Education
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Series Summer Institute
Next Session Monday, July 8, 2019 in Eau Claire

Putnam Heights Elementary

633 W. MacArthur Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Schedule July 8, 2019 – July 18, 2019

Who Should Attend

Students entering grades K-5 in fall 2019. Must turn 5 years old on or before September 1, 2019.

Elementary students playing at Continuing Education's Summer Institute

Program Description

Eau Claire session | July 8-18 | Putnam Heights Elementary


The Details

  • Classes are expected to fill up quickly, we encourage you to register online vs calling the office
  • Registration opens Monday, March 4 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Cost is $15 per class for all students, including out-of-district students

Download the Eau Claire Summer Institute Schedule here


2019 Class Descriptions

All About Animals
Grades 1-3 | Samantha Campbell
If you love art and animals, this is the perfect class for you. From antelopes to zebras, you’ll learn to draw animals from around the world. We’ll create different projects each day to explore pattern, texture and proportion in this engaging art class.

All About Aviation
Grades 3-5 | Rebecca Sanderfoot
Come explore the history and science behind aviation! We will take a closer look at the timeline of planes, the pilots that led the way, the types of planes they used, and what kinds of flying devices we have today in the sky. This will be a journey that you will not want to miss. Climb aboard and be ready to take off into the world of aviation!

American Girl Adventures
Grades K-2 | Julie Schaller
Bring your doll or teddy bear to class and enjoy learning about the past through American Girl dolls. We’ll step back into different eras in American history to learn what it was like to go to school then and what children your age used to do for fun. We’ll create projects, eat food, play games and learn about traditions as we travel through time across the U.S.

Art of Painting
Grades 3-5 | Julie Schaller
This class is for the student who wants to dive deeper into painting! We’ll work in a variety of painting media from watercolor to tempera and acrylics to learn what makes each one unique. We’ll also work on a variety of surfaces like watercolor paper and Yupo – and then top it all off by painting on our own artists’ canvases. Please wear old clothes or bring a smock to paint in!

Awesome Authors, Awesome Art!
Grades K-2 | Valerie Dallman
Let's enjoy stories from some of our favorite authors! Mo Willems (Piggie & Gerald), Laura Numeroff (If You Give a Dog a Doughnut), Kevin Henkes (Wemberley Worried), and Eric Carle to name a few. We will connect our stories to a variety of fun arts & crafts activities! We’ll also ride the school bus to the public library for an exciting field trip. Come and join in the fun of books, books, and more books!!!

Booking, Cooking & Crafting
Grades K-2 | Dawn Marcott
Do you like books, having fun in the kitchen, and making crafts? If you do, this class is for you! We will read stories and make yummy treats to go with them. We will also make crafts and play games that connect to each story. We will take a bus to visit Toppers Pizza where we get to make our own pizzas, and visit the Eau Claire Public Library. Come join the fun!

Brain Games
Grades 3-5 | Rebecca Sanderfoot
This course offers a variety of ways to challenge our brains. From puzzles, to brain games and minute-to-win-it challenges, to finding lost treasure with Geocaching, we will be stretching our brains to the limit. Expect to be amazed at what your brain can do, and be ready to think outside the box! Are you up to the challenge?

Camp Kindergarten
Grade K | Tina Denzine
Getting ready for Kindergarten is s’more fun with a camping theme! The tent will be pitched and the campfire ready for our great adventure into Kindergarten. We will sing campfire songs, make crafts, eat campfire treats, and learn about forest animals and bugs, all while learning the daily routine of school.

Camping Capers
Grades 1-3 | Tina Denzine
Math and reading are s’more fun with a camping theme! The tent will be pitched and the campfire ready for our great summer adventure, loaded with hands-on, camping-themed activities to help build math and literacy concepts. We will learn about forest animals, go on an outdoor scavenger hunt, eat campfire treats, make our own trail mix, and sing campfire songs. Lace up your hiking boots and join the fun! [Food allergy caution.]

Create With Me!
Grades K-2 | Katie Hartsough
In this class, we will focus on four authors and explore the writer’s purpose in several storybooks. What does the author want the reader to think? Our authors will include Kevin Henkens, Mo Williams, Lois Ehlert and Eric Carle. Along with reading and exploring several books, we will create beautiful artwork inspired by the book’s illustrators. We will use several different types of art techniques and mediums to create our works of art. We will paint with water colors, use chalk, draw, and paint on canvas, just to name a few.

Fitness Quest
Grades 3-5 | Brittany David
Do you like phy ed class or making healthy snacks? This class will show you how fun fitness can be! We’ll build an obstacle course, play sports, invent our own games and learn fun exercises to build strength and flexibility. We’ll also make our own healthy snacks each day and learn about the foods our bodies need to help us feel our best.

Fun with the Uke!
Grades 3-5 | Deb Blake
Warm up your voice, loosen up your fingers, and get ready to sing songs and play the ukulele. Learn step-by-step directions on chord diagrams, strumming and tuning from an instructor who started playing the uke at 10 years of age and has been teaching music since the Peter, Paul & Mary days! Join the fun and learn the gift of music that lasts a lifetime. You will need to provide your own ukulele.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Grades K-2 | Katie Hartsough
It’s planting season! If you love flowers and plants, then you will love this gardening class! We’ll learn all about different types of flowers and plants, the parts of a flower, what plants need to grow, and how to plant your own vegetables and flowers. We will also make art creations and conduct science experiments that revolve around gardening. A few of the art projects will include painted flower pots, tissue paper vases, and a framed water color painting of your favorite vegetable or flower. We will also be taking a field trip to a floral shop/greenhouse to enrich our learning of plants/planting, flowers, and vegetables.

Junior Paleontologists (NEW!)
Grades 3-5 | Karissa Mueller
Do you love dinosaurs and wish you could learn more about how they lived? As a Junior Paleontologist you’ll study fossils and footprints and keep a field guide notebook with facts about many famous and unusual dinosaurs. In this class, we’ll also discover how chickens are related to the T-Rex and why dinosaurs aren’t around anymore. Other fun activities include making fossil molds, acting out how dinosaurs moved and roared, and inventing a brand new dinosaur.

Learn Rhythm Guitar
Grades 3-5 | Ben Schrantz
Do you love music? Do you ever wish you could play along with any of your favorite songs? We are going to tune-up and play along and sing some awesome age-appropriate tunes! Your instructor brings more than 15 years of rhythm guitar playing experience! We will learn strumming patterns, tuning, chords, and chord progressions. We will even experiment with writing and singing our own songs! Let’s jam together! Please bring your own guitar.

Learn Spanish the Fun Way!
Grades 3-5 | Ben Schrantz
If you love talking and listening to music, then this is the class for you! We will talk and listen to age-appropriate music non-stop every day…in Spanish. We will talk about anything you want to talk about! The music will enhance your Spanish and engage you in a fun way! You will leave this class knowing a TON of Spanish and jamming to some awesome tunes! Come, join the conversation!

Look Out Kindergarten, Here We Come!
Grade K | Donna Maxwell
Let’s get ready for kindergarten with favorite stories, songs, crafts, cooking projects and games! We will discover what makes each one of us special, work with letters and numbers, and create with colors and shapes. We will even take a field trip to the Chippewa Candy Shop. Come join the fun!

Math in Nature (NEW!)
Grades 3-5 | Erika Bohmke
At first glance, math class and the backyard seem like two different worlds. But the two are actually very connected and math is all around us. In fact, math was developed to describe patterns in nature! Get ready to stretch your thinking and enjoy the outdoors!

Mini Meteorologists
Grades K-2 | Donna Maxwell
Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue or how the weather changes? In this class, we’ll learn all about weather through hands-on science experiments. We’ll make art activities related to different types of weather features such as lightning, fog and snow. We will see some of the special tools that meteorologists use to forecast the weather. We will even visit a local TV station to meet a real meteorologist and learn more about his job!

Movies, Books & Art
Grades 3-5 | Samantha Campbell
Let’s create art projects inspired by our favorite books and movies! If you love to read books or watch movies and love to make art, this class is designed for you. We will read several popular children’s books and watch one movie each week to help inspire some very unique art projects. Join this class for fun, relaxation, and learning!

Outdoor Games (NEW!)
Grades 3-5 | Erika Bohmke
One of the best ways to get young learners excited about the outdoors is to incorporate GAMES!!! Children develop science, math, and even interpersonal skills through group outdoor games and activities. Kids, bring your game face and running shoes, because this class is full of motion and a little friendly competition.

Outer Space Adventures (NEW!)
Grades 1-3 | Heather Seibel
Calling all astronauts! Four, three, two, one, blast off! Get ready to travel through our Solar System and learn about each of the planets. Pull out your sunglasses as we study the Sun, constellations, and other stars. Ending our adventure, we will eat through the phases of the moon while learning other facts. Join us for some outer space facts, food and fun!

Super Science Sleuths
Grades K-2 and 3-5 | Jodi Ash
Have you ever wondered how or why something happens? Become a super sleuth of science discovery! Join us for lots of hands-on experiments as we explore chemical reactions, matter and density, the science of motion, earth science and more. Be ready to get messy!

Travel with Laura Ingalls Wilder
Grades 3-5 | Deb Blake
Join Laura and her family as Pa takes them out on the prairie, to the shores of Silver Lake, and into the Big Woods. Experience making butter, quilting a quilt block and dancing to Pa’s fiddle tunes. Travelers will follow Laura’s timeline through history and keep a journal just like she did. We will read from the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series and get lost in her pioneer world. Wear your prairie dress or work jeans and join us on our simulated “true-life” adventure.

Wild About Wisconsin Nature! (NEW!)
Grades K-2 | Ashley Albrecht
Do you love nature and want to learn more about nature? Then this is the class for you! We will be learning all about Wisconsin wildlife and Wisconsin plant life. We will learn about Wisconsin nature through crafts, videos, reading, and fun activities like creating a nature book and making your own “tracks”!

Yoga Kids
Grades K-2 | Brittany David
Yoga is a fun activity that builds strength and balance, quiets our minds, and celebrates the amazing things our bodies can do! In this class, we’ll learn yoga poses, do a daily yoga “story flow” and eventually make up our own stories by connecting the poses we’ve learned. Our story adventures will teach us about core values and the power of positive thinking. We’ll also learn how to make our own healthy snacks to keep us fit and active.


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