Transformational Leadership

Creating several strong leaders throughout an organization can lead to a positive, successful work environment and reduce employee turnover. Learn tactics on how you can improve your leadership skills and motivate others to do the same.

Key Program Information
Categories Professional and Workforce Development | Business
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Face-to-Face
Series Workforce Development

Who Should Attend

Business Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, and anyone who wants to learn more about leadership.

Manager talking with employee in factory setting

Program Description

Developing layers of leadership

Competent and trustworthy leadership skills are an invaluable part of a healthy, successful organization. These types of leaders, both formal and informal, are driven to ethically create a better future for themselves and their organizations. In this leadership workshop, you will learn specific ways to help transform key employees into ethically influenced, self-directed leaders.

The leadership workshop will focus on:

  • How to establish a climate of trust that motivates people to embrace an attitude of commitment instead of compliance. 
  • The most effective styles of leadership required for a multitude of different situations.
  • How to use a proven model for assessing employee performance to determine the most appropriate leadership action needed.
  • Exploring key practices of effective leadership and reviewing the empirical research supporting the use of these practices. 
  • Analyzing the most sought after character traits of leaders based on extensive field data, when and how to apply them.


Chris Hinrichs served as adjunct faculty at UW-Madison, School of Business-Executive Education for 30 years and has a Master’s degree in Adult Education, emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Counseling Psychology. He designs and delivers professional development programs in the field of human relations. Chris was an Adult Corporate Enrichment Program designer and director for Outward Bound Schools in the Midwest and Eastern United States.