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Virtual Visit: Cuba

Take a virtual tour and discover Cuba. In this program, you will get insider tips about the culture, cuisine, and history of Cuba. Learn how to safely plan a trip to this beautiful country.

Key Program Information
Series Virtual Visit: Travel Lecture Series
Delivery Format Online

Discover the charm of Cuba

For many Americans, Cuba conjures up dark images of a repressive communist state. However, Cuba is a beautiful and pristine Caribbean island with a rich history, interesting architecture, and unique cuisine. Join instructor and frequent traveler Ted Simpson as he shares how to plan your trip following US regulations. From the slowly prepared, freshly cooked foods to the unique vintage cars on the streets, you don’t want to miss out on the culture of Cuba.

colorful street view of housing in Havana

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in travel and learning about other countries and cultures


Ted Simpson has been professionally teaching classes and providing industry training for over 25 years. Ted has written numerous textbooks and articles on computer systems and travel destinations, and he enjoys traveling and outdoor activities with his wife Mary.

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