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Frank P.​ Saladis Project Management Certificate Program

Gain skills to manage projects and teams 
The online Frank P. Saladis Project Management Certification is a great program if you are looking to advance your career by improving your project management skills! The online program allows complete flexibility — you can create your own schedule and finish at your own pace. There are three different specialized tracks with one-on-one coaching, all while allowing you to work on projects specific to your current job position.

The core focus and values include:

Being a positive and strong leader
Adding value to projects, organizations and communities in which you serve
Believing people skills, relationship building and communication skills are critical competencies
Finding ways to volunteer
Being a well-educated and continuous learner

Basic Certificate in Technical Writing

The Basic Technical Writing Certificate consists of three courses. The program is Instructor-Led, meaning you learn from highly qualified industry and tech writing faculty. Our course of study has been designed for individuals who lack sufficient experience in the field, those who want to enhance existing careers in technical writing or move in a new direction.

The certificate is specifically designed for those who:

  • Aspire to develop their technical language and communication skills.
  • Need to update their knowledge and skills.
  • Need preparation for teaching professional communication.
  • Must prepare and deliver training for their companies.
  • Aspire to advance in documentation and other technical communication positions.
  • Seek a verifiable Certificate Credential from an accredited university.

Building Cultural Intelligence Certificate Series

Creating culturally intelligent organizations and workspaces has become increasingly important in today’s society. Working towards creating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) goals will improve the efficiency, recruitment, and retention of employees. Specifically, we need to create systems for all employees to feel empowered, safe and equipped to do their best work. In response to the need for practical knowledge and strategies to implement Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, this virtual series was developed to help business leaders, supervisors, and employees advance EDI goals within their organizations. 

Building Cultural Intelligence Certificate Series is a three-part virtual series that lays the foundation for participants to support diversity and inclusion in their workplaces and personal lives. The tiered courses allow participants to create a common understanding and language around diversity topics before they come together to bring the theory to practice in their organizations. The culminating course focuses on strategies for employees at any level to work toward equity and inclusivity within their sphere of influence. 

Tier 1: 

  • Safe Spaces: Honoring Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace
  • Microaggressions and Bias in the Workplace 

Tier 2: 

  • Strategies for Creating Culturally Intelligent Organizations 

*Please note: prerequisites for Tier 2 programs include ‘Microaggressions and Bias in the Workplace’ and ‘Safe Spaces: Honoring Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace’.  

Enroll in all three programs for $600 total.

‘Building Cultural Intelligence Certificate’ is earned after the three programs are completed. Attend all three programs to earn a certificate in ‘Building Cultural Intelligence’. All programs will be offered virtually and on multiple dates, allowing for convenience and flexibility for completing the Certificate.

Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers

This program has been developed for those already in the field. The Certificate in Technical Writing program is Instructor-Led, meaning you learn from highly qualified industry practitioners and Technical Writing faculty. This course of study has been designed for those who want to (1) enhance existing careers in technical writing or (2) move in a new direction within the corporate workplace.

The certificate is specifically designed for:

  • Those who aspire to develop their technical language and communication skills.
  • Those who need to update their knowledge and skills as writers, editors and designers.
  • Those who must prepare and deliver training for their companies.
  • Those who aspire to advance in documentation and other technical communication positions.
  • Those who seek a verifiable Certificate Credential from an accredited university.

Professional Grant Writing Certificate

Claim your share of the more than $300 billion available annually from tens of thousands of grant organizations. You can earn your Professional Grant Writing Certificate by taking Beginning Grant Writing and Advanced Grant Writing. Features/benefits the program offers:

  • Build the skills you need to successfully find and gain grant funding.
  • Navigate an increasingly challenging competitive funding environment.
  • Understand how to meet the needs of granting agencies.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to secure funding.

The Professional Grant Writing Certificate is offered online. You will be able to apply the information you have learned immediately to your proposals.

Supervisory Management Certificate Program

Let’s face it—expertise in a chosen career field doesn’t automatically make someone a good supervisor. Supervisors must learn important soft skills to confidently manage a team of people and do it well. 

If you’ve been promoted to supervisor but aren’t sure you have the skills to supervise well, if you’re looking to advance into a supervisor position, or if you’ve been supervising a team for a while and have struggled through conflict and communication issues, a certificate in supervisory management may be just what you need! 

Working for this certificate will help you: 

  • Gain confidence in your leadership skills 
  • Communicate better with your team 
  • Encourage your team to be more productive 
  • Deal with conflict effectively 
  • Find success and advance toward your career goals 

“I’ve learned so many valuable skills throughout this series. There were key takeaways from every class that I was excited to implement. It was neat to be in the classes with other leaders across various industries because networking with them would get me thinking from different angles.”
--Wendy Rindfleish, Assistant Manager, Security Health Plan 

How the Certificate Works: 

You’ll take 3 core classes plus 3 electives in 5 years. 

Core Classes:  


  • Choose 3 electives that best meet your needs.
  • Browse the Supervisory Management Series page to see what’s currently offered. 

Questions? Contact We are glad to help!  

Find information about previous certificate requirements here.

Not interested in taking the whole certificate? You can also take individual classes to meet your professional needs. 

Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes

Advance your career by improving your technical writing skills

Why should you take online courses or get a certificate in technical writing? Job opportunities! Employment in technical writing is expected to grow faster than average over the next few years, offering new career opportunities or advancement. You can choose online courses from basic, intermediate, or advanced non-credit training in technical writing and communication, or courses in specialty areas. You can earn a certificate in technical writing or pick only the course that best fit your needs.

Becoming a better technical writer is easy with our online program:

  • Start anytime! If you prefer, you can begin on a fixed time schedule as well
  • Group enrollments encouraged - learn with your co-workers
  • You can register online - it is quick and easy!

The various technical writing courses and certificates are taught by instructors with more than 20 years of professional, technical, and career training experience. The courses are industry developed, giving you access to the same e-learning business and industry are currently utilizing.

Writers at Work Technical Certificate Program

Your writing skills directly reflect your professional image. The better your skills, the better your chances for professional advancement. Effective writing in the workplace is a critical skill in today’s job market. Research shows that employers value workers who think creatively and communicate effectively.

*The Writers at Work Certificate Program consists of four 10-hour courses that allow busy professionals a flexible path toward developing valuable writing techniques. Explore grammar and punctuation while learning the process of writing clear and concise documents. Proficiency in effective business writing can set you apart from other employees and improve your chances of career advancement.

You will be able to:

  • Identify and correct common grammatical errors
  • Revise and generate clear and concise writing
  • Write effective and professional emails to capture your reader’s attention
  • Connect words and ideas using transitions, parallelism and other strategies
  • Use specific techniques to adapt the tone of a document
  • Learn basic design elements to create visually appealing pieces
  • Proofread, edit and revise more effectively