Supervisory Management Certificate Program

Let’s face it—expertise in a chosen career field doesn’t automatically make someone a good supervisor. Supervisors must learn important soft skills to confidently manage a team of people and do it well.

If you’ve been promoted to supervisor but aren’t sure you have the skills to supervise well; if you’re looking to advance into a supervisor position; or if you’ve been supervising a team for a while and have struggled through conflict and communication issues, a certificate in supervisory management may be just what you need!

Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses

Interested in broadening your professional options? Consider adding foot and nail care to your skill set. With an aging population and rising rates of diabetes, the demand for nurses trained in foot and nail care is increasing. Formal nursing education often neglects this area of practice, resulting in a shortage of professional foot and nail care experts.

Nonprofit Management Certificate Series

As a nonprofit professional, your days are filled with work that is important, meaningful and challenging. Let us make your job easier and help take your skillset to the next level with our programs for professionals in the world of nonprofits.

Online Test Preparation for Graduate School Admission

Planning for graduate school? You know your application will look better with a high score on the GRE, GMAT or LSAT, but are you sure you’re ready for the exam? Let us help! Improve your confidence with our Live-Online test preparation courses. These classes deliver high quality content through live, online instruction.

Professional Grant Writing Certificate

Claim your share of the more than $300 billion available annually from tens of thousands of grant organizations. You can earn your Professional Grant Writing Certificate in two days, by taking, Grant Proposal Writing for Beginners and Advanced Grant Proposal Writing.

Features/benefits the program offers: