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The Chippewa Valley has been gaining national attention for its recent revitalization and the arts community is a big reason why. Whether you’re new to the arts community or you’ve been putting your creative touches on the area for years, we are focusing on providing programs that are designed with you in mind.

These programs aim to:

  • Connect you with other artrepreneurs to learn from one another and build a stronger arts community
  • Teach you new ideas and strategies to help build your business
  • Show you how to find funding to support your projects

Enroll in more than one and automatically receive 10% off your total cost!

Building Resilient Virtual Teams Series

In times of challenge, separation, and change, what makes a team succeed? This series will give leaders the tools they need to build resilient teams that will not only survive but will thrive through transition. Our expert instructors will present strategies to help your team adapt and respond. You will learn how to build successful virtual teams that stay connected, innovative and effective. 

Begin this educational journey by assessing your personal communication preferences and discover how your individual preferences affect your team’s connectedness and motivation. Learn the fundamental elements of successful teams and how we can apply these concepts to achieve even superior results in an increasingly virtual world. Then, bring your real-life challenges and successes from working remotely to a highly interactive session facilitated by an expert in organizational behavior. Explore how conflict, intentionality, emotional intelligence and inspiration intersect to improve your communication-as an individual and a team. Learn concepts of modern neuroscience including how the brain changes, the secret to balancing stress and how to integrate your brain and body to maximize effectiveness. Learn about how stress affects you and your team and how to employ strategies to best support your team-turning pressure and tension into engagement and enthusiasm. Finally, learn how to transform transition into an incredible learning opportunity that opens the door for personal, team and organizational growth. 

If you are working toward your Supervisory Management Certificate through Continuing Education, participants in this series may receive contact hours to apply towards their Supervisory Management Certificate Program. Equivalents are listed below:

4 Virtual Teams sessions = 1-day elective

7 Virtual Teams sessions = 2-day elective

Change Leadership Hybrid Series

The Change Leadership Hybrid Series focuses on how leaders can improve critical skills while remaining strong and keeping teams effective and efficient during and after times of critical change in the workplace. During times of change, a leader’s job is to ensure that their team stays informed, motivated and keeps a good attitude about adapting to new conditions. A leader must have the ability and emotional intelligence to recognize that all people embrace change in their own unique way.

This series will help a leader navigate these behaviors and emotions. While not all change will be smooth, we can learn how to be seen as a credible and trustworthy leader during conflict and challenge. By demonstrating transparency and authenticity through communication with our colleagues and our teams we will earn trust during these critical periods of change. Keeping engaged employees who want to share their innovative and creative ideas with an organization means creating a culture that accepts new ideas. How can leaders learn about the barriers of creativity and work towards a culture that not only accepts but embraces collaboration?

Learn about all of these topics in-depth and get one-on-one coaching with instructor Allison Cooley when you sign up for one or more of the Change Leadership Hybrid programs.


Discounts are available when you register for more than one program in this series.

If you'd like to register for two programs, enter the promo code LEADERSHIP2 to get $30 off each course.

If you'd like to register for all three programs, enter the promo code LEADERSHIP3 to get $70 off all three courses.

End of Life Series featuring Hospice Foundation of America Webinars

End of life care is an important topic across several industries. This series offers attendees a unique learning opportunity that combines the perspectives of both national and local experts in end of life care. Sessions will begin with a viewing of the latest webinar from the Hospice Foundation of America. After, a panel of local experts will take the discussion further and allow you to engage with your peers about the presented topics. Consider this specialized series as an option to earn CEUs for your continued professional development.

*Webinars carry a number of board certifications, including social work, nursing and counseling boards.

Ethics and Boundaries

Ethics and Boundaries Training

Wisconsin social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and licensed marriage and family therapists, are you looking for a convenient and informative way to fulfill your Ethics and Boundaries requirement? Each of our Ethics and Boundaries workshops targets a specific topic in current issues, practice settings, or client base. Sign up now for workshops directly relevant to your practice.

Continuing Education at UW-Eau Claire offers a variety of interesting and innovative 4-hour workshops in Ethics and Boundaries, any of which can be applied toward your Wisconsin licensure requirement. Gain the contact hours you need! 


Focus on Mental Health

You care a great deal about your clients and want the best outcomes for them. What better way to refresh and recharge than to discover the most current research-based assessment tools, intervention techniques, and treatment strategies to help your clients thrive?

The Focus on Mental Health Series is perfect for social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, or any other professional working with clients who struggle with mental health issues. The series theme “Unraveling Diagnoses" allows for each program to hone in on specific conditions so you can better understand the unique indicators of various mental illnesses. You will learn what sets diagnoses apart and how to identify and treat them. 

These virtual programs are a convenient, affordable way to earn continuing education contact hours to fulfill your license and certification requirements.

The workshops feature:

  • The latest research
  • Practical applications you can use right away
  • Interactive learning
  • Discussions with peers   
  • Expert instructors - a combination of faculty researchers and clinicians/practitioners

Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses

Interested in broadening your professional options? Consider adding foot and nail care to your skillset. With an aging population and rising rates of diabetes, the demand for nurses trained in foot and nail care is increasing. Formal nursing education often neglects this area of practice, resulting in a shortage of professional foot and nail care experts.

Let this shortfall become your opportunity. When you enroll in our Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses programs you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin a practice of basic foot and nail care. If you’re ready to start out on your own, also consider enrolling in Foot and Nail Care: Starting a Business.

Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting

Perhaps the most significant benefit of mindfulness is the ability to choose how to react, or not react, to our ruminating thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Thomas Roberts will teach you methods you can use to help your clients manage complex conditions through mindfulness. When you participate in these webinars, you will gain the skills to offer your clients an alternative and emerging treatment option. This series will focus on four complex conditions and culminates with an interactive virtual practicum.

  • Mindfulness for Mood Disorders
  • Mindfulness for Trauma-Based Dysregulation
  • Mindfulness for Chronic Pain
  • Mindfulness for Addictions
  • Mindfulness Virtual Practicum 

What you will learn:

  • How to regulate moods for those with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder 
  • How to cultivate a more balanced perspective to managing stress
  • Discover useful tools to support recovery from trauma
  • Skills to teach your clients how to avoid re-triggering events or experiences. 
  • How to teach your clients to listen to the sensations of the body
  • The relationship between inflammation and pain in the body
  • Learn methods to reduce inflammation in the body
  • Explore the nature of addiction beyond chemical addictions
  • Powerful methods for managing recovery and cultivating relapse prevention tools
  • Apply mindfulness methods to practice exercises to take back to your practice  

These webinars are a convenient and affordable way to earn continuing education contact hours to fulfill your license and certification requirements from a location of your choice.

Online Test Preparation for Graduate School Admission

Planning for graduate school? You know your application will look better with a high score on the GRE, GMAT or LSAT, but are you sure you’re ready for the exam? Let us help! Improve your confidence with our Live-Online test preparation courses. These classes deliver high quality content through live, online instruction.

With live-Online test preparation, you’ll enjoy online convenience with the benefits of a face-to-face class. When it’s time for class, sit down anywhere you have internet connection and enter the virtual classroom of Live-Online. Ask the teacher questions, interact with other students, and if you miss a session, watch the recorded class for up to 30 days after your course ends.

All of our test prep courses include:

  • Live, online instruction.
  • Experienced, expert instructors.
  • Preparation materials.
  • Comprehensive presentations and explanations.
  • Real questions from previous exams.

If you plan to study on your own, or you’re not quite ready to take a prep class yet, start with our free one-hour online strategy workshops. We’ll give you an overview of the exam and tips for success, plus sample questions and study resources.


Sign Language

Learn something new in Sign Language 1 or further develop your skills in Sign Language 2.