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Online Learning FAQs

Get answers to your question regarding our programs held via Zoom

We have included some of our most frequently asked questions regarding accessing our live online programs held via Zoom. The questions below do not apply to any of our JER or Ed2 go classes.

How do I join a Zoom meeting?

You do not need a Zoom account to join a Zoom meeting. To join a Zoom meeting, click the link provided in the email invitation. Depending on your default web browser, you may receive a pop-up or message asking you to allow your computer to proceed to "". Click "Allow".

Join by phone:

  1. On your phone, dial the teleconferencing number provided in your email invite.
  2. Enter the meeting ID number when prompted using your dialpad.
  3. Press *6 to mute and unmute your phone.

Note: If you are experiencing audio issues, you can mute your computer speakers and mic, and call in on the phone. If you have already joined the meeting via computer, you will have the option to enter your 2-digit participant ID to be associated with your computer. If you have not joined on your computer, simply press # again when prompted to enter in your participant ID. 

Test Meeting
You can join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom.  

How do I communicate during a meeting?

Muting Microphone/Video 

Raise Your Hand  
If you have a question during the course, you can raise your hand to be called on: 

Chat Box 
If you prefer to type your question or comment, click the Chat icon at the bottom of your screen and type in the box. You can also chat privately with a host here if you are experiencing an issue unrelated to program content. 

The chat box will open on the right of your screen. You can click the small arrow in the box to “pop out” the chat box into a separate window if you prefer.

To see the list of participants in the program, click the Participant icon at the bottom of the screen. The list will pop up.

Change Screen View 

In the upper-right corner you should see the word “View”. Click this to choose between:

Troubleshooting for Zoom

What are the System Requirements for iOS, iPadOS and Android?


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