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Supervisory Management Certificate Program

Become a better leader

Let’s face it – expertise in a chosen field does not automatically make someone a good supervisor.  Supervisors must learn important soft skills to build strong, inclusive, and adaptable teams. Whether you are a new or aspiring supervisor, a certificate in supervisory management will provide valuable information and resources that will help you be a successful leader.

Foster a diverse and inclusive team

Classes offered in the Supervisory Management Certificate Program have been updated to prioritize the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace. Learn more about these changes.

How the Certificate Works: 

Take 3 core(required) classes and 3 electives in 5 years and earn a Supervisory Management Certificate.

Through a combination of instructor-led discussions and small group activities, you will:

Core (required) Classes:  


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Not interested in taking the whole certificate? You can also take individual classes to meet your professional needs. 

Programs in Supervisory Management Certificate

  1. Building Resilient Teams


    Now more than ever, resiliency is needed in the workplace. Learn what you can do to help reduce burnout and build a stronger, adaptable team.

  2. Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment


    Leverage your strengths and values to draw out the abilities and talents of others. In this elective course, learn to overcome personal challenges and use your emotional intelligence to empower results.

  3. Employee Evaluation and Performance Management


    Are you providing valuable feedback to your team? Learn proven techniques for assessing employee performance and effectively communicating feedback.

  4. Lead with Integrity


    Does your leadership style foster growth, confidence and inspire team members? In this training, you will learn just what it is that makes certain leaders stand out ethically, culturally and confidently. Walk away with applicable methods for your team.

  5. Learning to Lead


    Good leaders continually look for new ways to effectively lead their team. Learning to Lead will challenge and inspire you, whether you’ve been in a leadership role for a long time or you have recently taken on a supervisory role.

  6. Multi-Generational Teams: How to be an Effective Leader in the 21st Century


    This program equips supervisors to lead successful teams that bridge the generational gap. Learn to manage five distinct generations, from recent grads to near-retirees, and unlock the strengths of each.

  7. Orientation,​ Time Management, and Delegation


    Enhance your leadership skills to create a strong onboarding program and to empower your team.

  8. Transforming Teams and Organizations Through Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Leadership


    Embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and transform your organization with our EDI program. This program will explore leadership impact, address bias, and develop strategies to create an inclusive culture.

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