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Foot and Nail Care Series

Education for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals

Interested in broadening your professional options? Consider adding foot and nail care to your skillset. With an aging population and rising rates of diabetes, the demand for nurses trained in foot and nail care is increasing. Formal nursing education often neglects this area of practice, resulting in a shortage of professional foot and nail care experts.

Let this shortfall become your opportunity. When you enroll in our Foot and Nail Care Education and Foot and Nail Care Clinical programs you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin a practice of basic foot and nail care. If you’re ready to start out on your own, also consider enrolling in Foot and Nail Care: Starting a Business.

We recommend that you take the Foot and Nail Care Education course followed immediately by the Foot and Nail Clinical. This allows you to apply what you have learned for greater retention of the material. We do understand that everyone's situation is different so there are a limited number of seats in the clinical for those choosing the clinical only.

“What I enjoyed most about the Foot and Nail Care program was the practicality of it. This is something that I will actually use in my practice. The clinical experience was great and it was nice to be able to practice so much right after we learned the didactic.”

Past participant of Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses

Programs in Foot and Nail Care Series

  1. Foot & Nail Care Education


    This online foot and nail care for nurses program will prepare you to offer professional foot and nail care. Learn techniques and skills online over three months.

  2. Foot & Nail Clinical

    Eau Claire

    This five-day program for health care professionals will prepare you to offer foot and nail care. This option is one of the few 40 hour supervised clinical practicums offered nationally.

  3. Starting a Foot and Nail Care Business


    Gain the knowledge and confidence to begin your own foot and nail care business. At this program for health care professionals, you will hear from current business owners in the industry and learn how to take the first steps to get you started.