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Classroom and Online Personal Enrichment

Explore something new

Our live online programs are designed to be informative and interactive, so you can communicate directly with your instructor and classmates during the class. Take advantage of our unique topics that will provide you an opportunity to learn something new. We give you a link and a scheduled time so you participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Programs in Classroom and Online Personal Enrichment

  1. Academy for Lifelong Learners Participants

    Face-to-Face | Online

    Formerly known as Senior Americans Day, the Academy for Lifelong Learners provides attendees a day of education and connection.

  2. Backyard Birding

    Hybrid | Online

     Have you stopped to notice the animals that come through your backyard? Nature is all around us and sometimes we are moving too fast to enjoy it. Birds are some of the more fascinating creatures and taking time to enjoy them can be just what we need.

  3. Communiversity Band

    Rice Lake

    Communiversity Band is a joint effort of the UWEC Barron County Music Department and the adult musicians of the surrounding communities.

  4. Creating Art with Alcohol Inks


    Are you interested in learning a new way to create art? Alcohol inks are a unique way to create art with vibrant, highly pigmented colors. Learn to work with alcohol inks and create your own pieces to take home.

  5. Distance Running Course


    This course provides physiological and emotional marathon training tools to help you on a journey that finishes at the end of the Eau Claire Marathon.

  6. Herbalism for Everyday Use


    People have been using natural remedies for ailments throughout human civilization. Recently, herbalism is gaining popularity again. Learn from a master herbalist how to use herbs, plants and essential oils to address a variety of ailments.

  7. Introduction to Mosaic Art


    Learn a new skill that can be used to create a future art piece or a practical tile project around the house.

  8. Let's Make a Podcast


    In this program, we will explore what makes a great podcast, and what tools you need to make your own podcast at home. We will learn about different styles, tools, techniques and how to share your productions.

  9. Mushrooms of Late Summer and Autumn


    Mushroom foraging has seen a dramatic rise in popularity across the country. Autumn is when wild mushrooms are most prevalent and is a great time of year to forage mushrooms.

  10. Native Plants of Wisconsin

    Local plant communities are at risk from multiple invasive species. Discover how to distinguish between native and non-native species. Learn how you can help by incorporating native plants into your yard.

  11. Northwinds Brass Band

    Rice Lake

    The Northwinds Brass Band is formed in the British tradition of brass and percussion.

  12. Red Cedar Choir

    Rice Lake

    Open to all community members, high school age* and older! You will have the incredible opportunity to sing and be part of one of the best choirs in the area.

  13. Retirement Planning Fundamentals


    This program provides you with strategies to help you prepare and plan for a comfortable retirement.

  14. Sign Language 1


    Do you wish you knew how to communicate through sign language? This course will give you basic knowledge and understanding to communicate with the Deaf community. Practice the fundamentals of conversation including receptive skills and body language.

  15. Sign Language 2


    If you’ve taken Sign Language 1 or have introductory skills/knowledge and are ready to learn more this is the program for you.

  16. Spring Edibles


    Forage for more than just mushrooms. Discover a variety of food that you can harvest and add to the dinner table.

  17. The Holocaust / Shoah: The Why and the How


    Through a journey of education and empathy, unravel the systemic tragedy that claimed over 6 million European Jewish lives and explore the reasons behind the Nazi's war against European Jews in this program

  18. Wild Mushrooms 101


    Learn the basics of mushroom identification in time for spring foraging. Learn what is edible, what should be avoided, and look-alikes that could be confusing.

  19. Writing for Your Life: One Story at a Time


    The instructor—an award-winning author who offers decades of teaching, writing, editing, and publishing experience—will provide encouragement and guidance as you write your own story. Open your mind to new perspectives on writing memoirs.

  20. WWII: What you Didn't Learn in School

    Rice Lake

    Dive deeper than the battles of WWII and explore new facets of a global conflict that shaped our world. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of World War II's causes, reach, and impact beyond the battlefield.