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DSEPS Frequently Asked Questions

DSEPS Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the UW-Eau Claire Program?

I work full time - Will I be able to keep up?

 Here are some facts that may help you decide:

What about the Practicum?

It is your responsibility to request release time from your District and/or Supervisor before applying for this program. You will be required to devote 8-10 hours per week (most during the regular work day) throughout your school's semester in order to fulfill the experiential requirements of the course.

It is your responsibility to find a qualified mentor - preferably someone who works in or near your district. This person will oversee and evaluate your Practicum experience. Your mentor must meet the requirements of the Wisconsin DPI, and be approved in advance by the DSEPS director or representative. If an approved mentor becomes unavailable for any reason or decides not to participate at any point, the candidate's progress in the program will be postponed until he/she finds another suitable mentor. 

Please use the Responsibilities of the Mentor Administrator and Documentation of Qualifications as a resource for choosing a qualified mentor. Share this information with any potential mentor to provide a description of the role of the mentor in the practicum experience, and the minimum educational and professional requirements to serve as a mentor.

Twice during the Practicum, you will be observed by a qualified UW-Eau Claire representative. This person will meet with you and your mentor, and will also evaluate your work.

Am I certain to be admitted if I meet the relevant minimum requirements listed above?

All complete applications received by the deadline will be reviewed. Those candidates deemed to be the most qualified will be admitted, as space allows. Note: Priority will be given to applicants who hold degrees and licensure in either Special Education or School Psychology, and who currently serve in a position under that license.

How do I apply?

Apply Online

When is the Application Deadline?

Only completed applications received between January 1st and March 1st will be considered. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial no later than April 15th.

What are the tuition rates and fees?

The current tuition rate for 2016-2017 is $495.11 per credit for in-state residents and $575 per credit for out-of-state residents. An additional special course fee is also charged for the practicum.

If admitted, when will I start?

We will hold an orientation in May via distance media. The exact date and time of the orientation will be sent to you in April. Your first class, SPED 782, will begin in June. 

Where do I go for more information?