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Let's Make a Podcast

In this program, we will explore what makes a great podcast, and what tools you need to make your own podcast at home. We will learn about different styles, tools, techniques and how to share your productions.

Key Program Information
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Online

What you can look forward to learning

Podcasts offer a unique method of delivering information, discussing hot topics and learning new skills. Whether your goal is to market your business, share news and stories or just purely for entertainment, you can have a lot of fun developing your own podcast. 

UWEC-Continuing Education offers an introductory course on making your own podcast. We will examine great podcasts and determine just what it is that makes those podcasts so successful. We will break down the mechanics and beats of podcasts, explore techniques and equipment, and learn ways to share our podcasts worldwide. We will learn about RSS feeds, iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud and will talk about social media techniques to promote your podcast. 

Register today and add a new skill to your expertise.


Who Should Attend

Local businesses, those working in human services, non-profit organizations, and community members.


Scott Morfitt has more than a decade of experience in radio production working with Wisconsin Public Radio, WHYS Community Radio, and Converge Radio. At his core, he loves producing content that uses the medium to make connections with the listener be it radio drama, interview, or free form podcast. While music and art are his professional forte, his interests span to food and beverage, off-beat sports, the mechanics of local politics, and mainstream comic books. When he's not making radio you can find him drinking coffee, riding his bike, or taking his Basset Hound out on snowshoe hikes.

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