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Spring Edibles

If you enjoy being out in nature and discovering wild-grown edible mushrooms and plants, this class is for you! We will learn how to safely identify and harvest wild mushrooms and spring plants.

Key Program Information
Delivery Format Online

Discover the tips and tricks of edible wild mushrooms

In this interactive and informative online class, you will learn to identify, harvest and prepare wild morel mushrooms. Students will learn to identify all forms of true and false morels, as well as how to prepare them for the table. In addition to morels, we will also discuss oyster mushrooms and Pheasants Back mushrooms. Beyond mushrooms, you will learn about several edible spring plants. In this class, there will be an emphasis put on safety and ethical harvest.

Participants will need a computer or tablet and an internet connection in order to join this class.

Spring Edibles

Who Should Attend

Community members interested in learning more about safely hunting, harvesting and preparing wild mushrooms.


Tavis Lynch is a 30+ year veteran of wild mushroom foraging in northern Wisconsin, a skill he initially learned from his father. A certified expert by the MN Dept. of Agriculture, Lynch has been harvesting over 100 varieties of wild fungus and bringing hundreds of pounds safely to the public.

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