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Writers at Work Certificate Program

Take your technical writing skills to the next level in this online certificate program starting with a refresher of grammar and punctuation, then learn the process for writing clear, concise and complete documents.

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Your writing skills affect your professional image. The better your writing skills are, the better your image is and the better your chances for advancement. Effective writing in the workplace is an essential skill. Research shows that employers value workers who think creatively and communicate effectively.

The Writers at Work Certificate Program consists of four 10-hour courses that will allow busy professionals a flexible path toward learning valuable writing techniques. The program begins with a valuable refresher of grammar and punctuation and then takes you through the process of writing clear, concise, and complete documents. The instructor is available at all stages of the course for tutoring.

Effective business writing can set you apart from other employees, get you noticed by your superiors, and improve your chances of advancement.

You will gain these skills:

  • Identify and correct common errors in grammar and punctuation.
  • Revise ineffective sentences and generate clear and concise writing.
  • Write clear, effective, and professional email messages that get your reader’s attention.
  • Understand a writing process to use when creating any document.
  • Organize your ideas clearly.
  • Connect words and ideas effectively using transitions, connectives, parallelism, and other strategies.
  • Use specific techniques to adapt the tone of a document.
  • Incorporate basic design elements to create visually appealing documents.
  • Proofread, edit, and revise documents more effectively.

40 Hours

This Certificate Course must be completed within the specified time period noted at the time of enrollment. Extension fees are applicable beyond the end date as follows:  1 month, $149.00; 2 months, $179.00; 3 months, $199.00.  Upon successful completion of this course, you may apply for a paper-based certificate from one of our Accredited University Partners by writing to Certificate fees apply.

Individual Course Descriptions

Writers at Work: A Review for Professionals - Part 1: Eliminating Common Grammar Errors

Writers at Work: A Review for Professionals - Part 2: Perfecting your Punctuation

Writers at Work: A Review for Professionals - Part 3: Writing Clearly, Concisely, and Coherently

Writers at Work: A Review for Professionals - Part 4: Achieving a Professional Tone and Style


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