Beginning Conversational French Online

Discover how easy learning another language can be! This online course teaches you the best French pronunciation for effective communication during travel.

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Program Description

Learn the basics of the French language online

Are you traveling to a French-speaking area of the world? Do you wish you were able to understand the basics of the French language? This online course will show you how easy it can be to speak another language! You will learn dialogue specific to various settings which will help make you comfortable in a foreign setting.

You will learn:

  • Proper pronunciation of French words
  • The basics needed for basic conversation
  • Numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and telling time
  • The basics for conversations while traveling — airports, hotels, restaurants and more
  • Cultural tips including hand and body gestures in different cultures.
  • How to blend in and avoid misunderstandings during your travel


Amy Page has been a translator and technical writer since the early '90s. She has a Bachelor's Degree in French, and she is one of a handful people in the United States who completed a special Translation minor. Amy has written and copy edited for large companies, and she enjoys translating for a variety of customers.


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