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Creativity and Resiliency for Compassionate Care

In this virtual program, nurses and care providers will learn how to create their own method of self-care by exploring creative therapy methods. Open to all care providers, not just those that consider themselves creative.

Key Program Information
Delivery Format Online

Learn to heal and find compassion through creativity

Nurses and other care providers offer endless compassion, empathy, and respect to their patients, but when it comes to self-care, many could use some help of their own. Compassion fatigue and burnout are a real issue in the nursing field and if it isn’t addressed, it can lead to serious emotional and physical ailments of their own health. This live-streamed program will provide nurses and other professionals with an integrative health approach to healing from compassion fatigue and burnout. Research and theory on healing, neuroscience and creative therapy will be shared. This program will provide tools for care providers, to develop their own methods of self-care, as well as tools that can be used to create a culture of compassion and self-care in the workplace.

Discovering your own creative outlets can allow your mind time to heal and create space to give once again in order to provide care to your patients. 

This workshop will explore the link between creative expression, compassion, and resilience. We will work with different creative outlets for personal and professional development including visual art, creative writing, and music. We will learn about how science and theory are showing evidence of the importance of creative self-care. There is no need to feel as if you are a creative person in order to attend this workshop. We will explore outlets that anyone can enjoy and find healing from.  

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Integrate philosophies in positive psychology and contemporary understanding of creativity and neuroscience.
  2. Explore how compassion differs from empathy and how to reduce stress by nurturing compassion in self-care.
  3. Identify distractions and barriers within our culture, routines, and workplaces that keep us from noticing compassion and growth through creativity.
  4. Participate in creative experiences and self-expression as a tool for self-care and transformation.

This is a live-streamed virtual program. Participants will be provided information for how to access the live streaming upon registration.

Creativity and Resiliency

Who Should Attend

Nurses and direct health and human service providers such as counselors and social workers. Nurses who work with people with dementia and Alzheimer's as well as hospice care workers. Educators and school counselors


Trisha Lundin, LPC is an art therapist and owner of Healing Art Eau Claire, an art therapy practice working out to build a culture of acceptance and self‐expression. Trisha has worked with individuals across the life‐span using art and imagery to find healing and wholeness in creativity following trauma and times of grief and loss. 

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