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Youth Programming

Updates on Youth Programming

UW- Eau Claire Continuing Education's youth programs have served the Chippewa Valley community for decades but recently we have had the opportunity to evaluate our program priorities and determine how we can best serve the community.  UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education has made the strategic decision to no longer focus on youth programs. We will focus our continued efforts in developing quality workforce development education and adult personal enrichment courses.

Although we will no longer have youth programs UW-Eau Claire continues to offer programs for youth through our Blugold Precollege and Youth Programs. 

Elementary students and Blugold Beginnings mentor

Blugold Precollege + Youth Programs

UW-Eau Claire precollege and youth programs empower young students and athletes to pursue their passions, explore the world and take their first steps towards inspiring others.

Learn more about youth programing at UW-Eau Claire