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Focus on Mental Health

Assess, intervention and treatment

You care a great deal about your clients and want the best outcomes for them. What better way to refresh and recharge than to discover the most current research-based assessment tools, intervention techniques, and treatment strategies to help your clients thrive?

The Focus on Mental Health Series is perfect for social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, or any other professional working with clients who struggle with mental health issues. This series will put an emphasis on evidence-based best practices in clinical settings, covering a variety of topics that are ever-present in the contemporary mental health crisis.

These virtual programs are a convenient, affordable way to earn continuing education contact hours to fulfill your license and certification requirements.

The workshops feature:

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Programs in Focus on Mental Health

  1. Addiction - The Biology of the Pursuit of Happiness


    This workshop explores addiction and its biological features, focusing on frequently abused substances and treatment strategies.

  2. Suicide Risk Assessment and Management


    Be a part of the solution to help reduce suicide deaths. This workshop educates on identifying warning signs of suicide and participants will gain the skills to apply appropriate management approaches.

  3. Trauma and Stress Disorders


    By gaining an understanding of the root causes and the latest treatment options for trauma and stress disorders, you can become an invaluable resource for your clients on their path to healing.