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Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting

Helping patients reduce stress and increase awareness

Perhaps the most significant benefit of mindfulness is the ability to choose how to react, or not react, to our ruminating thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Thomas Roberts will teach you methods you can use to help your clients manage complex conditions through mindfulness. When you participate in these webinars, you will gain the skills to offer your clients an alternative and emerging treatment option. This series will focus on four complex conditions and culminates with an interactive virtual practicum.

What you will learn:

These webinars are a convenient and affordable way to earn continuing education contact hours to fulfill your license and certification requirements from a location of your choice.

Programs in Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting

  1. Mindfulness for Addictions


    Our understanding of addiction has evolved beyond chemical addictions. During this program, we will explore a number of addictive behaviors and how mindfulness can change your client's mindset, so they have a different response to addictive behavior.

  2. Mindfulness for Chronic Pain


    Mindfulness and meditation are alternative healing methods for managing the debilitating effects of chronic pain. Understanding the relationship between physical and emotional pain in the body so your clients can live a more rewarding life.

  3. Mindfulness for Mood Disorders


    Mindfulness is a growing evidence-based method to combat stress, improve mental health and bring awareness to the reactions of the body. This webinar will teach you powerful mindfulness tools to help your clients reach health and wellness goals.

  4. Mindfulness for Trauma-Based Emotional Dysregulation


    Mindfulness is an excellent tool to support recovery from trauma; including resilience, self-compassion, presentness and learning to self-regulate mood variations. Meditation is a natural, powerful method of healing supporting the recovery process.

  5. Mindfulness Practicum


    As a culmination of the virtual Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting Series, this interactive practicum will help health care and human services providers learn mindfulness exercises and how to apply them in their practice.