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Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes

Advance your career by improving your technical writing skills

Why should you take online courses or get a certificate in technical writing? Job opportunities! Employment in technical writing is expected to grow faster than average over the next few years, offering new career opportunities or advancement. You can choose online courses from basic, intermediate, or advanced non-credit training in technical writing and communication, or courses in specialty areas. You can earn a certificate in technical writing or pick only the course that best fit your needs.

Becoming a better technical writer is easy with our online program:

The various technical writing courses and certificates are taught by instructors with more than 20 years of professional, technical, and career training experience. The courses are industry developed, giving you access to the same e-learning business and industry are currently utilizing.

Programs in Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes

  1. Advanced Technical Writing


    Gain the expertise and confidence in this online course to market yourself as a technical writer or take on advanced work assignments. Course topics include audience analysis, document design, organization and editing, visuals and research techniques.

  2. Basic Certificate in Technical Writing


    Expand your career possibilities in the growing field of technical writing. Develop your language and professional communication skills, enhance training preparation and delivery techniques, and advance technical communication knowledge.

  3. Certificate Course in Technical Business Writing for Engineers


    The certificate course provides a fundamental description of the necessary steps in planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing/submitting technical content.

  4. Certificate in Professional Technical Communication- Portfolio


    Expand your knowledge of technical documents and methodology to advance your techniques in technical writing for the workplace. Practice planning strategies to engage your audience and purpose while creating effective documents. Start today.

  5. Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers


    Take your technical writing skills to the next level in this online certificate designed to sharpen your expertise in analysis, effective communication, design principles, and content management.

  6. Copyediting and Proofreading for the Profession


    This course introduces students to professional copyediting and proofreading. Gain the skills you need to begin working in publishing.

  7. Intermediate Technical Writing


    Sharpen your technical writing skills with online coursework rooted in standard design, instruction writing and audience analysis. Collaborate with the instructor to identify/troubleshoot potential issues in technical writing and gain valuable feedback.

  8. Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry


    Explore various areas of a technical writer’s day including professional communication, document design and organization, and audience and purpose in this online course. Become a top notch technical communicator in this growing field. Start today.

  9. Professional Technical Copyediting Certificate


    This 3 course certificate program will give you the skills you need to become a technical editor. Learn everything from basic editing and proofreading to how an editor's role intersects with online design and marketing.

  10. Technical Communication, an Introduction for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers


    Become familiar with the technical communication profession in this online course designed to introduce you to processes, industry needs, and skill sets within the field. Practice technical writing skills from analysis and design to user-testing.

  11. Workplace Experience Certificate in Technical Writing


    Do you have the necessary experience already in place? Are you seeking to advance your career goals and objectives? Then use the Workplace Experience Certificate Service to propel your career forward.

  12. XML Structured Authoring for Technical Documentation: Advanced Certificate Course


    In this new age of technical writing, documents must be developed for rapid updating and multiple outputs (such as Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML5, XHTML, FrameMaker, MadCap Flare). One of the primary methods of achieving this is XML.