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Technical Writing Manager

This course will help prepare you for a technical writing manager position. You will also gain a broad skill set of both technical communication skills and MBA-level business management strategies.

Key Program Information
Series Technical Writing: Online Certificate Programs and Classes
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Develop Technical Writing Management Skills 

Effective communication is essential in today's business climate, with technical writers serving as professional communicators whose roles vary across industry and context. With proper skills and experience, you can find rewarding and engaging work in many different fields in this career.

In this comprehensive course, the technical writing section will explore the framework of technical writing, the conventions it follows, and the essential elements all technical writing needs. The management section will teach you the basics of business and management, including key financial and accounting terms, successful negotiation strategies, the marketing process, employment law, compliance and regulatory requirements, licensing, permits, and taxes. You will also learn about the seven management disciplines that are essential to success.

Additionally, this course includes a lesson on preparing for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator exam.

What you will learn

  • Managing the creation of technical documents including analyses, reports, proposals, and more
  • Methods for managing skill sets and allocating resources to meet project needs
  • Ethical issues in technical writing and business communications
  • Running operations in accord with legal requirements
  • The process of negotiating, evaluating negotiation styles, and negotiation strategies
  • The seven management disciplines essential to business success
  • Advanced grammar rules and effective research methods
  • Effective writing for websites and social media
  • Strategies to prepare for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator exam

How you will benefit

  • Develop management skills that will allow you to lead a technical communications team
  • Expand your abilities as a leader and learn how to masterfully manage people and projects
  • Gain an understanding of legal and financial regulations to better manage your team
  • Set yourself apart from competitors by receiving management training
  • Create a professional writing portfolio to showcase your work to current and potential employers
  • Be prepared for technical writing jobs in a variety of industries
  • Receive a certificate of completion and prepare to sit for the CPTC exam
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