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Courageous Communication During Crisis

Now, more than ever, learning to communicate well can make all the difference. Explore how conflict, intentionality, emotional intelligence and inspiration intersect to improve your communication-as an individual and a team.

Key Program Information
Program Type Non-Credit
Delivery Format Online
Series Building Resilient Virtual Teams: A Webinar Series

What is Courageous Communication?

As leaders and supervisors, every chance we get to improve our skills is essential. Communication is an essential skill for teams to work together efficiently, and effectively. This two-hour webinar will not only engage you - it will help you to better navigate your world of communication. Learn what Courageous Communication is and how to use the CLEAR method in order to effectively engage in it. Take a pause to increase your self-awareness regarding your current communication skills and ways to improve them. How Emotional intelligence fits into healthy communication will be covered, as well. This in-depth webinar will provide you with the knowledge you need to address your communication challenges and strengthen your relationships along the way.

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Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, project managers, team leaders, business owners, aspiring managers and supervisors, anyone who manages the work of others.


Stacy Shapiro is President of Shapiro Strategies (a consulting and training firm) and has over 20 years of leadership experience. She received a communications degree from UW-Madison and has held various leadership roles nationwide. In her current work, she passionately encourages organizations and businesses to focus on quality leadership, positive communications, and pursuing excellence…all while setting a values-driven course for the future.

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