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Leading High-Performing Teams

How can teams work productively and effectively toward collective goals to achieve superior results? In this program, leaders will learn the critical skills to organize, motivate, and lead high performing teams.

Key Program Information
Series Supervisory Management Certificate Program
Delivery Format Online

Learn to Lead High-Performing Teams

Whether you are a new supervisor, mid-level manager, executive leader, or project manager, there is one thing in common: you need to have the critical skills needed to lead high-performing teams. Individual and organizational success depends on how well we can work together to work towards a common goal. Teamwork doesn’t happen on its own. Leaders need to have the skills to continuously refine and clarify department goals and know how to select the right people for the right positions. 

In this program, you will learn how to organize, motivate, and lead high performing teams. You will also learn how to organize and facilitate effective team meetings. This hands-on training will engage you through role-play, team problem-solving tasks, analyze video clips, and participate in small group discussions. 

You will learn:

  • How to establish essential boundaries and expectations that drive team success
  • How to implement critical elements necessary for teams to perform at a high functional level
  • The key reasons why many teams struggle and often fail
  • The primary ingredients for team success, that when accomplished, will make other challenges seem easier. 
  • How to organize and facilitate efficient and productive team meetings.
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Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, project managers, team leaders, business owners, aspiring managers and supervisors, anyone who manages the work of others.


Let’s face it—expertise in a chosen career field doesn’t automatically make someone a good supervisor. Supervisors must learn important soft skills to confidently manage a team of people and do it well. 

If you’ve been promoted to supervisor but aren’t sure you have the skills to supervise well, if you’re looking to advance into a supervisor position, or if you’ve been supervising a team for a while and have struggled through conflict and communication issues, a certificate in supervisory management may be just what you need! 

Working for this certificate will help you: 

  • Gain confidence in your leadership skills 
  • Communicate better with your team 
  • Encourage your team to be more productive 
  • Deal with conflict effectively 
  • Find success and advance toward your career goals 

“I’ve learned so many valuable skills throughout this series. There were key takeaways from every class that I was excited to implement. It was neat to be in the classes with other leaders across various industries because networking with them would get me thinking from different angles.”
--Wendy Rindfleish, Assistant Manager, Security Health Plan 

How the Certificate Works: 

You’ll take 3 core classes plus 3 electives in 5 years. 

Core Classes:  


  • Choose 3 electives that best meet your needs.
  • Browse the Supervisory Management Series page to see what’s currently offered. 

Questions? Contact We are glad to help!  

Find information about previous certificate requirements here.

Not interested in taking the whole certificate? You can also take individual classes to meet your professional needs. 


Chris Hinrichs served as adjunct faculty at UW-Madison, School of Business-Executive Education for 30 years and has a Master’s degree in Adult Education, emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Counseling Psychology. He designs and delivers professional development programs in the field of human relations. Chris was an Adult Corporate Enrichment Program designer and director for Outward Bound Schools in the Midwest and Eastern United States.

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