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Previously Offered Supervisory Management Classes

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The Supervisory Management Certificate program features a dynamic group of elective courses. Below you will find a list of elective programs that are currently unavailable for this certificate season. If you're interested in bringing one or more of these courses to your colleagues or organization, learn more about our on-site training opportunities here.

If there is a course that caught your interest but is not currently offered, please let us know through

Programs in Previously Offered Supervisory Management Classes

  1. Compliance to Commitment — Empowering Others to be Their Best


    Learn how to create an organizational culture that sets you and your team up for success. This online course provides a comprehensive strategy that enables others to become more capable leaders who inspire commitment and become valuable assets.

  2. Critical Conversations


    The more difficult a conversation is for you, the less likely it is that you will effectively participate in it. In this elective course, learn what makes difficult conversations so challenging and how to increase your ability to engage in them.

  3. Dealing with Conflict

    Face-to-Face | Online

    Poorly managed conflict creates significant costs for organizations and leads to loss of engagement among employees. This elective will teach you how to apply five proven strategies for effectively managing conflict.

  4. Lead with Integrity


    Does your leadership style foster growth, confidence and inspire team members? In this training, you will learn just what it is that makes certain leaders stand out ethically, culturally and confidently. Walk away with applicable methods for your team.

  5. Maximizing Performance


    Every organization gets things done through people. Effectively influencing employees to achieve maximum productivity and performance is the hallmark of effective leaders, which is what you’ll learn in this online course.

  6. Talent Management and Succession Planning


    Turnover can be a big waste of resources. This elective course will teach you to better understand competencies for positions so when hiring and developing employees you are focusing on the skill sets that are critical to your organization.

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