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  1. Addiction - The Biology of the Pursuit of Happiness

    July 17, 2024 Register Now!

    This workshop explores addiction and its biological features, focusing on frequently abused substances and treatment strategies.

  2. Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

    July 18, 2024 Register Now!

    Be a part of the solution to help reduce suicide deaths. This workshop educates on identifying warning signs of suicide and participants will gain the skills to apply appropriate management approaches.

  3. Trauma and Stress Disorders

    July 19, 2024 Register Now!

    By gaining an understanding of the root causes and the latest treatment options for trauma and stress disorders, you can become an invaluable resource for your clients on their path to healing.

  4. Growing Up Transgender

    August 8 – 9, 2024 Register Now!

    In this seminar, we will explore what it means to be transgender. Health and human services professionals will learn the difficulties transgender people face and how we can best support and advocate for the transgender community.

  5. Beginning Grant Writing

    August 20 – 21, 2024 Register Now!

    Gain the insights you need to begin the grant writing process with confidence using practices you can implement immediately.

  6. Lead with Integrity

    August 21, 2024

    Does your leadership style foster growth, confidence and inspire team members? In this training, you will learn just what it is that makes certain leaders stand out ethically, culturally and confidently. Walk away with applicable methods for your team.

  7. Advanced Grant Writing

    August 22 – 23, 2024 Register Now!

    Welcome grant writers of all experience levels! In two three-hour online sessions, you will gain insider grant knowledge to build skills to successfully secure funding. We recommend taking Beginning Grant Writing first to gain baseline knowledge.

  8. Ethics and Boundaries: Technology and the Internet

    August 27, 2024 Register Now!

    The healthcare landscape is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, presenting challenges with electronic records, social media, and big data. This program will explore these challenges and discuss ethical guidelines for using technology.

  9. Learning to Lead

    September 5 – 12, 2024 Register Now!

    Good leaders continually look for new ways to effectively lead their team. Learning to Lead will challenge and inspire you, whether you’ve been in a leadership role for a long time or you have recently taken on a supervisory role.

  10. Ethics and Boundaries: Understanding EDI to Leverage Cultural Humility

    September 13, 2024 Register Now!

    Do you know me?  How can I trust that you are someone that understands me, my culture, and will speak to the needs of diversity, equity, and inclusion when asked?