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  1. Dealing with Conflict

    Eau Claire
    June 22 – 23, 2023 Register Now!

    Poorly managed conflict creates significant costs for organizations and leads to loss of engagement among employees. This elective will teach you how to apply five proven strategies for effectively managing conflict.

  2. Foot & Nail Care Education & Clinical

    July 10 – October 27, 2023

    This hybrid foot and nail program will prepare you to offer professional foot and nail care. Learn techniques and skills online over three months then attend a five-day clinical to practice the skills you have learned.

  3. Starting a Foot and Nail Care Business

    November 7 – 8, 2023

    Gain the knowledge and confidence to begin your own foot and nail care business. At this program for health care professionals, you will hear from current business owners in the industry and learn how to take the first steps to get you started.

  4. 3 Keys to Finding Treasure in Time of Transition

    Schedule TBD

    The only constant in life is change, but what sets us apart is how we find treasures within change. Join this interactive online course to learn how to sort through the difficult and find the good in transition.

  5. Academy for Lifelong Learners

    Schedule TBD

    Formerly known as Senior American's Day, the Academy for Lifelong Learners provides attendees a day of education and connection.

  6. Accounting Fundamentals Online

    Ongoing Register Now!

    This online course will give you financial awareness through a better understanding of the basics of accounting and finance for personal or business use.

  7. Adolescent Mental Health Certificate

    Schedule TBD

    In today’s world, there are several unique challenges facing kids and teens as they grow up. As a result, knowing how to address adolescent mental health is becoming increasingly important. Become informed and earn a certificate with this course.

  8. Advanced Technical Writing

    Ongoing Register Now!

    Gain the expertise and confidence in this online course to market yourself as a technical writer or take on advanced work assignments. Course topics include audience analysis, document design, organization and editing, visuals and research techniques.

  9. AI Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Ongoing Register Now!

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the most in-demand skills in the world. With the growth in automation and robotics across industries, there are massive job opportunities in AI programming, data science, and engineering.

  10. Backyard Birding

    Schedule TBD

     Have you stopped to notice the animals that come through your backyard? Nature is all around us and sometimes we are moving too fast to enjoy it. Birds are some of the more fascinating creatures and taking time to enjoy them can be just what we need.