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  1. Multi-Generational Teams: How to be an Effective Leader in the 21st Century

    November 22, 2024

    This program equips supervisors to lead successful teams that bridge the generational gap. Learn to manage five distinct generations, from recent grads to near-retirees, and unlock the strengths of each.

  2. Employee Evaluation and Performance Management

    December 6 – 13, 2024 Register Now!

    Are you providing valuable feedback to your team? Learn proven techniques for assessing employee performance and effectively communicating feedback.

  3. Ethics and Boundaries: Stepping Forward When Colleagues Cross the Line

    December 13, 2024 Register Now!

    This interactive workshop equips human service professionals with the tools to navigate complex situations. Learn conflict resolution, communication styles, and how to address ethical dilemmas with clients and colleagues.

  4. Ethics and Boundaries: Legal Issues In Mental Health: Part I

    January 9, 2025 Register Now!

    Mental health professionals face a complex world of ethical codes and legal mandates. This program will discuss how those pieces intersect and how these standards have evolved.

  5. Ethics and Boundaries: Legal Issues In Mental Health: Part II

    January 10, 2025 Register Now!

    This workshop equips mental health professionals to navigate the complex interplay of ethical codes and legal mandates. We'll explore confidentiality, duty to warn, conscience clauses, and boundaries, ensuring you meet both legal and ethical requirements.

  6. Ethics and Boundaries: Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Self Care

    January 22, 2025 Register Now!

    Research has shown that practicing self-care can lead to greater job satisfaction among social workers. When social workers prioritize their own well-being, they are better equipped to support their clients and navigate the challenges of their profession.

  7. Ethics and Boundaries: Working with Geriatric Populations

    February 14, 2025 Register Now!

    Working with geriatric individuals is a rewarding career path. There can be some unique challenges of providing care and support to this population including social, emotional, and physical considerations. Deepen your knowledge at this half-day program.

  8. Ethics and Boundaries: Things That Make You Go Hmm…Boundaries, Barriers, and Shame, Oh My!

    February 21, 2025 Register Now!

    This program dives into the difference between healthy boundaries and harmful barriers in social work relationships. Participants will explore self-awareness, and conflict management to navigate ethical challenges with colleagues and clients.

  9. 3 Keys to Finding Treasure in Time of Transition

    Schedule TBD

    The only constant in life is change, but what sets us apart is how we find treasures within change. Join this interactive online course to learn how to sort through the difficult and find the good in transition.

  10. Accounting Fundamentals Online

    Ongoing Register Now!

    This online course will give you financial awareness through a better understanding of the basics of accounting and finance for personal or business use.