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  1. Ethics and Boundaries: Power and Bias

    Schedule TBD

    Take a journey to provide light and clarity; removing the blindfold of bias

  2. Ethics and Boundaries: Telehealth and Technology

    Schedule TBD

    The pandemic has forced us into a new digital transformation. In just a short time we have moved more services online and rely even more on digital technologies to communicate and do our jobs. But where are our boundaries in the new digital age?

  3. Ethics and Boundaries: Understanding EDI to Leverage Cultural Humility

    Schedule TBD

    Do you know me?  How can I trust that you are someone that understands me, my culture, and will speak to the needs of diversity, equity, and inclusion when asked? 

  4. Ethics and Boundaries: Working with Geriatric Populations

    Schedule TBD

    Working with geriatric individuals is a rewarding career path. There can be some unique challenges of providing care and support to this population including social, emotional, and physical considerations. Deepen your knowledge at this half-day program.

  5. Ethics and Boundaries: Working with Immigrant and Refugee Populations

    Schedule TBD

    Cultural competence when working with diverse populations is critical. In this online program, you will learn how to deliver culturally competent care to your clients while being cognizant of professional boundaries.

  6. Exceptional Workplace Communication Skills

    Schedule TBD

    Have you experienced communication breakdowns in the workplace? Learn to communicate more effectively with this interactive course and gain confidence in your communication to help prevent these breakdowns.

  7. Fostering Collaborative and Creative Organizations

    Schedule TBD

    How can leaders create a culture where all team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas? Learn about common barriers that make it difficult for colleagues to be creative, and how we can overcome these barriers to create a culture of collaboration.

  8. Herbalism for Everyday Use

    Schedule TBD

    People have been using natural remedies for ailments throughout human civilization. Recently, herbalism is gaining popularity again. Learn from a master herbalist how to use herbs, plants and essential oils to address a variety of ailments.

  9. Hoarding: Identifying, Assessing, and Addressing

    Schedule TBD

    Hoarding is a mental health disorder that can be challenging to address. At this online training professionals will learn skills and strategies to work with clients compassionately and collaboratively.

  10. Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 Online

    Ongoing Register Now!

    Through this online course, we can help you take your Excel skills to the next level — boosting your productivity and helping make better business decisions.